Victoria Clow

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Victoria Clow is a Glasgow based actress that trained in BA (Hons) Acting and Stage Combat at East 15 Acting School. She is a visceral and powerful performer with a sharp sense of humour. She has vast combat and physical skill set that has grown from her experience in combat training, international competitions and theatre. Talented with accents and a blade, Victoria is a talented verbal and physical performer that makes her a double-edged blade in the arts industry.

Belfast, Cockney, Glasgow, Northern Irish, RP, Scottish, Central, Scottish, Standard, Scottish, West Coast, General American, Southern American, Irish.

Rhythmic Gymnastics (Major International Competitor)
Kuk Sool Won: Brown Tab
Aikido: Green Belt
Specialized training in Stage combat with unarmed combat, rapier and dagger, quarterstaff, hand-and-a-half broadsword, single broadsword and shield, sabre, knife and smallsword.
Juggling and Poi.

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